Vintage Grey/Silver Satin Dress (Aus Size 4) in DOG SWAMP, Western Australia for sale


Vintage dress that pouf’s out as taffeta is underneath (image shown).
26 ½ inches - Waist (Where thin band is in between zipper and buttons)
34 ½ inches – Top band
20 inches – Length from waist to hem
Bust fits a B cup with a padded strapless bra. Anything more is pushing it as the buttons may not do up.
There is also spare fabric that is 45 inches in length and 14 inches wide so plenty to make a clutch or cover shoes.
The condition of this dress is very good with the exception of the hem needing to be redone and the top of the shoulders being re-stitched.
Genuinely interested callers, please call to arrange collection as address requires instruction and it is more efficient than sms’ing back and forth.
Cash only $150 not negotiable and pick up in Tuart Hill.
Thank you.